Rashad Shawgi Gawish

Associate Professor of Medical Microbiology and Immunology (Ph.D Molecular Virology, M.Sc Microbiology, M.Sc Immunology)

Date and Place of Birth: 22/9/1987 – Doha- Qatar
Nationality: Sudanese
Title: Associate Professor of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Current Positions:
• Vice-president for Academic Affairs and Innovation at Balagrae University
• Founder and director of Alakeed Center for Flow Cytometer and Molecular Diagnosis (Benghazi
– Libya).
• Founder and coordinator of “Clinical Laboratory Science Program” at the Faculty of Applied
Medical Science – Libyan International Medical University (Benghazi – Libya).
• Trainer and Examiner at The Libyan Board of Medical Specialties (Laboratory Medicine).
• Field Expert and Trainer at National and International Non-governmental organizations including
World Health Organization


Arabic (mother tongue) and English (fluent)


An experienced Consultant Clinical Microbiologist and Immunologist. In addition to the academic and
professional responsibilities, I served in a several volunteers and humanitarian work.
On Covid19 pandemic I volunteered to establish – and direct – the only molecular diagnostic center at Quifia
Hospital that covers the entire eastern part of Libya, in addition to construct multiple diagnostic centers and
perform training sessions with WHO on Covid-19 diagnosis across the eastern part of Libya including
(Benghazi -Al-Bayda’a – Tubruk – Masaad- Ajdabya – Sirt)

Academic qualification

PhD 2018 in Medical Microbiology (Molecular Immunology and Virology) Al-Gezira University /Sudan.
MSc 2015 in Tropical Medicine-Medical Immunology, Sudan Academy of Science /Sudan.
MSc 2012, in Medical Microbiology, University of Medical Science and Technology /Sudan.
BSc 2009, in Medical Laboratories Sciences (Medical Microbiology) Sudan University of science and
Technology /Sudan

Teaching responsibilities:

– Assistant professor of Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology at the Faculty of Applied
Medical Sciences in Libyan International Medical University from 15-11-2012 up to date, covering lectures
and labs for the first, second and third-year students of medicine / biomedical sciences as well as the secondyear students of dentistry).
– Teaching Molecular Diagnosis / Clinical Immunology for Laboratory Medicine fellows at Libyan Board
2017 / 2022
– Lecturer of clinical immunology and microbiology at the faculty of medicine – Siret University- Libya since
23-11-2014 up to 20 – 11- 2015


• First aid 2008, “Ana Al-Sudan organization “
• Development, Quality and Professional Degrees in Clinical Laboratories August 28 2010
(Sudanese specialized professional union for clinical laboratorions)
• The 3rd International Cervical Cancer Conference. University of Science and Technology,
February 16 2010
• Formulation and Development of the Basic Medical Science Curriculum- microbiology23rd June
2013 to 2nd July 2013 (LIMU)
• Conducting interactive lectures held on 8&9Feb. 2014 Medical Education Unit at Libyan
International Medical University.
• Quality Assessment at Institutional Level online course designed by the Tempus project UNIGOV
from London Metropolitan University 3-7 of July 2016.
• Key speaker at the First Conference of Medical Science and Technology at Institute of
Comprehensive Professions 28 May 2016 Quminis – Libya


• Mycetoma International Week 2009, “Mycetoma research center, soba university hospital,
university of Khartoum “
• Actinobacteria as a Source of Novel Natural Products Isolation, Molecular Characterization
and Phylogenetic Analysis, March 28th to April 1st 2010 (University of Newcastle upon Tyne &
Sudan University of Science and Technology)
• key speaker in the first international workshop on Tuberculosis entitle (Tuberculosis: Newer
Trends in Diagnosis and Management)
• Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing 133-20 July 2014, Sudan University of Science
and Technology


Advanced Flow-Cytometer Training (flow-cytometer center Khartoum Sudan August – September
• Recognized trainer in the Ministry of Health department of (Continuous Professionals
development) Kh. Sudan
• National health laboratory September 2008, Federal Ministry of Health Kh. Sudan

Work Experience:

Medical Microbiologist at Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital April 2009 – Nov. 2012
• Medical Microbiologist Zeenam Specialized Hospital March 2011 – Nov. 2012
• I Medical Microbiologist Imperial Hospital March 2011 – Nov. 2012
• Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine – Siret University – Libya Nov. 2014 up to date
• Assistant professor at Department of Biomedical Science – Libyan International Medical University
Nov. 2012 – Up to date
• Quality Director “Al-Razi Diagnostic Labs” – Benghazi- January 2020 – May 2020
• Molecular department head and founder at Alakeed Labs Nov. 2020 – up to date


Chairman of Sudan Society for Molecular Biology 2008-2010, SUST- MLS
• Secretary General of Sudanese Union of Medical Laboratory Students 2008
• First aid trainer in Ana-AL-Sudan organization
• Investment manager/ executive in union of medical laboratory scientist
• Sudanese Society for Microbiology


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